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8 Best WordPress Plugins Will Make Your Site More User-friendly

WordPress plugins are the best ways to make your website more diverse and functional. WordPress plug-ins are a great way to make your sites more functional and easier to work with. There are many types of the best WordPress plugins that you can add to your website. In this manner, you will be able to access a lot of tools directly through your site. You will not have to access any other extra secondary website to get tasks done.

When you use WordPress, there are already a lot of tasks that you need to get done from within the website. However, having to access 100 different tabs just to fix a single problem can be very difficult.

Therefore, you should find some of the best WordPress plugins to make your work a lot easier. You can turn your WordPress site into almost anything by using WordPress plug-ins. You can convert it into a portfolio store or even an e-commerce site by using the right plug-ins.

An amazing thing that WordPress plug-ins will allow you to do is to add your social media handles to your WordPress site. This will give you direct access to all of your social media without having to visit the apps every time you want to update something.

In addition, you can also add various SEO tools to your WordPress website to make it easier to proofread content. There are many different types of plug-ins on the internet. If you wish to know more about them, continue reading the article.

8 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Need You

1. WPForms

WPForms - WordPress Forms

WPForms is one of the best WordPress plug-ins that you can add to your site. With the help of this, you can always create a contact form so that your customers and clients can contact you easily. WPF forms will help you to plug in your contact form directly into your WordPress website.

Not just contact forms, but you can also create all types of other forms for your website just by dragging and dropping. You can create survey forms, email subscription forms, polls, payment forms, online order forms, and many more. With the help of such forms, not only will your website feel a lot more organized but it will be easier to access.

You will be able to receive all of your forms without having to switch to any tabs. This will make your work not just easy and fast but also more efficient. This plug-in can single-handedly help you to increase the ratings of your website. Almost every word press website that has used WPF forms has 4.5 to 5 stars.

This shows how great of a plug-in this is for your website. What’s unique about this plug-in is that it has a lot of features that most others don’t. In addition to forms, you can also create various other form builders.

2. All in one SEO
AIOSEO to Improve Their Website Search Rankings

All-in-one SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. With all-in-one SEO you will get to manage your content in the best way. If you wish to find a solution to all your problems with WordPress, then all-in-one SEO can get you that.

You can find almost all types of tools with this plug-in. It can also help you to get rid of any inconveniences. This is also one of the most powerful SEO plug-ins that you can use for WordPress. Over 3 million websites make use of all-in-one SEO and all of them have left amazing reviews about it.

It can help you with almost anything related to SEO like Keywords, meta descriptions, titles, proofreads, readability, site maps, and many more. If you get the full version of all-in-one SEO, you will get a lot of other powerful tools like video site maps, smart schema, error detectors, and many more.

With the help of all of these tools, there is no way that your website won’t be perfect. Almost all parts of your website will be absolutely in their best condition. Therefore, you will be able to function in the best way possible with the help of this SEO plug-in.

3. Sucuri
Sucuri - Complete Website Security, Protection & Monitoring

Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins. With the help of this plug-in, you can strengthen the security of your WordPress site. This is great as you can protect all of your important information strongly through this plug-in. Sucuri is a highly important plug-in if you have a lot of your work saved on your WordPress site. This is mainly to avoid any violation of privacy or to prevent any leaks.

This plug-in will create a firewall on your website which will help to break-ins. The firewall will protect you from all types of online meticulous attacks on your website and will keep it safe from any outside harm.

This is highly helpful as you can now work comfortably and freely within your site without having to worry about security issues. Moreover, if you have a very large site which is functioning with a lot of confidential information, then you need this plug-in to assure privacy.

4. Updraft plus
UpdraftPlus wordpress backup

Updraft Plus is one of the best WordPress backup plug-ins. With the help of this plug-in, you can backup all of your data from your site. This is highly helpful and essential if you have a lot of information stored on your site. This will assure you the security of getting all of your information backed up without losing any.

In any case, if you lose any of your information, you will not have to worry about it being lost forever. This is because this plug-in will help you to bring back up all of that information and restore it.

In addition, you can also create a total backup of your entire site. After that, you can save it to your iCloud or any other preferred file from where you can access it easily later on. It also allows you to do scheduled backups so that even if you forget to bank your information app, it will automatically do it for you.

In addition, you can also do on-demand backups which will help you to save up a lot of time. If you get the premium version of updraft, you will get a lot more tools. This premium version will allow you to migrate or clone websites, access multisite support, replace or search the database, and many more. With this, you will get access to almost all types of back ups possible to get your website secured from everywhere.

5. Yoast SEO
Wordpress SEo plugin

Yoast SEO Is a great SEO WordPress plug-in. It has a lot of great tools for content writing websites. Therefore, if you are a website that uploads a lot of articles and is constantly pumping out content, this plug-in is necessary for you.

It allows you access to almost all types of SEO tools that you may need in order to perfect your articles. In fact, you can also proofread your material and make sure that there are no mistakes. With the help of yoast SEO, you can check your readability, make necessary changes and upload all files in the best way possible.

Along with that, they also give you access to check your Keywords, titles, meta descriptions, subheading distributions, paragraph lines, and many more. With the help of all of these checks, there is no way that you will not produce perfect content.

They will make sure to help you figure out the negative points of your material so that you can correct it. This is a great plug-in that you should add to your website if you wish to smoothly and swiftly polish your content.

Having to access a whole new site to check your content can be very time-consuming and tiring. Therefore, this plug-in is a must if you have a website which produces a lot of writing content.

6. Constant contact
Constant Contact: Digital and Email Marketing Platform

You are a business owner of any type, then you must be sending a lot of emails. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, emails are something all of us need when we are running a business. However, having to send out a large number of emails every day manually can get very difficult.

Therefore, you need constant contact which is a plug-in that will help you to organise your emails. It will allow you to create a list of all the people that you need to send out emails to on a regular basis. In this manner, you will not have to manually select everyone that you need to send out emails to.

This plugin is highly easy to use and understand. It is one of the only plug-ins that will guide you correctly on how to make the perfect email list. In addition, it is great to access your emails from within your WordPress site without having to switch tabs.

An amazing benefit of constant contact is that it will note down all the people that visit your website. After that, it makes sure to stay in contact with those visitors even after they have exited your website. In this manner, you can reach out to all of your potential clients and make a great impact on your business.

7. Optinmonster
OptinMonster - Most Powerful Lead Generation Software

Optinmonster is a great WordPress plug-in. This is one of the most important plug-ins if you wish to drive a lot of attention to your website. Optin monster will make sure to turn all of your visitors into subscribers.

This is great as you can make all of your potential customers stay on your website and keep up with your content. If you wish to get a plug-in which will help you to generate a lot of traffic on your website, then this is the one for you.

It is great for e-commerce websites as you can get a lot of constant activity on your website. This is also great for any other kind of business website.

Optin monsters make sure to personalise their campaign for each user differently. Therefore, depending upon your needs and your current standing, optin monster will customise its features for you.

Therefore, not only will you drive traffic but you will also drive in effective and impactful traffic. It will make sure to target all important customers and will also provide you with a very strong interface.

The most important feature of option monsters is that it allows you to create some amazing pop ups for your site which will derive engagement. You can create various pop-up links, announcement bars, slide ins, spin wheels, and many more with this plugin.

8. SeedProd
Drag & Drop WordPress Website Builder

SeedProd is one of the best WordPress plugins that you can get for your site. This is the one plugin that will help you to totally create your website in the best way possible. You can design the whole look of your website with the great templates that seed prod will offer you.

SeedProd have a large variety of template options to choose from so you can really find which suits you the best. They have a drag and drop page builder which will offer you with more than 150 ready made templates. They also have a lot of landing page designs along with maintenance mode, coming soon, thank you, registration, webinar, sales pages and many more.

With the help of this plug in you can cover every aspect of a perfect website. Moreover, you can also make it highly attractive and easy to navigate. It will also allow you to choose from a wide range of colour schemes, fonts, sections, custom blocks, etc.

In addition, seed prod also has a large variety of widgets, contact forms, countdown timers, optin forms, and many more. Along with all of those amazing features they also will provide you tools for smooth and effortless integration.

These can be with email services, subscriber management and CRM software. In brief, this plugin is perfect if you wish to have an attractive and functional website.

These were some of the best WordPress plugins for your website. We hope that this article could help you find a plug in which suits your needs the best.


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