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7 Best SEO Tools for YouTube to Boost Your Ranking and Views

Are you unhappy that your videos are not bringing in the engagement even though the contents are great? If your answer is yes then you’re probably suffering from a case of poor SEO marketing. Now, YouTube SEO tools are a modern media powerhouse that can propel a brand to immense success.
As the second largest search engine that welcomes 1.7 billion monthly visitors, it holds a ton of potential for marketers to tap into. But that doesn’t mean that you can blow up on YouTube just like that. Like you, many content creators and brands are vying to attract an audience with their videos.
So your channel needs to stand out from everyone else’s to boost your engagement. Optimising your videos is a great start to building a strong online presence. When more people engage with your channel, you’ll have a higher chance of making the YouTube algorithm increase your ranking.
You’ve probably figured out what your channel needs to make it big on YouTube. So now you just need the right YouTube SEO tools to get started.

7 Best SEO Tools for YouTube Video Ranking

TubeBuddy is an SEO tool that is very popular among many YouTubers. It comes packed with essential features that are not found on YouTube. It includes keyword research, tags, analytics, bulk processing, video optimization and many more features. The tool is very well-liked because of its high-quality analysis results.
TubeBuddy provides insights on your channel and your videos as well. It is very useful for finding out the days that bring in more traffic and the videos that the audience prefers.

2. VidIQ

Many marketers claim that VidIQ is just as good as TubeBuddy, if not better. These kinds of YouTube SEO tools are a must-have for your marketing strategy if you want to improve your search results ranking.
If you’ve just started a channel, all these big data insights may confuse you. But VidIQ provides a simple real-time analysis that’s easy to digest.
Its features include video scores, SEO scores, views comparison, keyword scores, search panels and more. The tool also provides a like-dislike ratio that helps you understand which videos the audience prefers.

3. YTRank

This is another excellent tool to optimize your YouTube channel and boost engagement. You can use YTRank to check how high or low your content ranks for a given keyword. Simply pick a location, add your YouTube video’s URL in the link section and enter the keywords you want to check. You will now be able to where your video ranks for the keywords in various areas.

4. Kparser

Kparser is a user-friendly keyword research tool that is built to help you improve your YouTube channel’s online visibility. It provides long-tail keywords and phrases that activate extra keywords in addition to your primary keywords.
This tool can go through thousands of key phrases all at once, making it a very powerful leverage for your SEO marketing strategy. When you get more keyword suggestions, you can utilize them to ensure that your videos always rank at the top.
Serpstat is an all-in-one growth tool to manage your visibility on YouTube. You can use it like other YouTube SEO tools to accelerate your channel’s engagement and growth.
The services include keyword research, search insights, competitor research, rank tracking etc. If you are familiar with SEMrush, you can use this tool very comfortably to get results.
Keyword Tool is a free alternative for Google Ads SEO Planner. This keyword research tool brings you thousands of keyword suggestions and insights from real user queries. You can also get the CPC and search volume data for the keywords.
This tool is very useful for picking out the most relevant keywords for your videos. You can confidently add them to your videos knowing that they will now rank better on YouTube and Google. You can also use the paid version to access more features for a very reasonable price.
This is a trends research feature that shows the popularity of a search term or keyword on Google. You can use it like other YouTube SEO tools to get the same results too.
Google Trends also provides demographic insights, related topics and queries to help you understand the trending terms better
This tool can help out your channel in many ways. For starters, it can identify popular niches for you to insert your channel into. You can also use Google Trends to ensure that your content never gets boring. Additionally, your videos can rank higher when you use keywords and tags that are already trending. 

The Importance of Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

As a content creator or brand owner, you know that optimization is a crucial part of marketing your YouTube channel. It is the act of fine-tuning your channel needs and your videos to rank higher on the search engine.
The main objective of YouTube optimization is to reach the target audience, boost your engagement and gain more visibility on the video platform. This allows you to push your brand forward too. It also enables you to grow organically on YouTube and Google.
Optimization is also important because it ensures your compliance with YouTube’s standard guidelines. This way, you can avoid getting penalised for small blunders.

How Does SEO Marketing Work?

To put it simply, you need to optimize your channel with the help of various YouTube SEO tools. This encourages the algorithm to pick up your videos and rank them higher on the search results.
The optimization process involves gathering insights into your target audience, specifically their search history, interests, recent activities etc. When you find the most popular keywords and tags related to your niche, you can add them to your content to gain more visibility. It is essential to include relevant keywords in your video’s title and description to attract more users.
You also need to conduct an in-depth analysis of your channel’s progress and the audience’s actions. This way you can identify and cover up gaps to reach your target goals.
Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot of work. Just remember that running a YouTube channel is a venture that promises a high ROI if you use the right tools. Here are a few advantages to remind you of the importance of efficient SEO tools: 

Advantages of Using SEO Tools on Your YouTube Channel

1. Get higher rankings and boost traffic
Nowadays, people prefer videos to written content as it is more engaging and entertaining. With YouTube being the second most visited site, it is very convenient for video content to blow up.
If you optimize your videos efficiently with YouTube SEO tools, you can move up the search result rankings and reach more people. This means more engagement on your channel. You can direct this traffic to your website and watch your sales go through the roof.
2. Build brand voice and brand awareness
Besides driving sales, your main concern as a content creator or business owner should be to build a brand voice. SEO tools help define what your brand stands for and present it to the target audience. When more users start viewing your videos, your brand awareness also starts to grow.
3. Increases your revenue
Let’s be honest. One of the most attractive features of YouTube is the high revenue you receive in return for your videos. So it is crucial to bring in a lot of engagement. By optimizing your videos, you can reach the target audience when they search for content relevant to your niche. This way you generate more clients and increase your revenue.
YouTube is inherently a competitive platform for content creators and businesses. So your YouTube channel can get overshadowed by larger and more popular YouTubers if you don’t bring in a lot of traffic.
When you leverage YouTube SEO tools, your videos are refined so that they can easily find their way to the target audience. By using relevant titles, descriptions and tags, your videos pop up first when someone searches for similar content about your niche.
You can also tame the algorithm to make your videos rank higher on both YouTube and Google. This is a great opportunity to grow your channel organically. You can redirect the traffic to your website and drive sales too.
SEO tools can help make these processes a whole lot easier. If you’re ready to get started then don’t waste another minute. Use these tools to watch your YouTube channel grow like never before.
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