7 Best WordPress Alternatives Sites Most User Friendly Interfaces

WordPress is great. There’s no doubt about it. It is very popular because you get tons of features and it is quite easy to use the website builder. There are so many helpful wordpress plugins that add layers to your website and make it quite visually appealing and performant. But like most tools, it may not be suitable for everyone. While it does a lot of things right, people might need a WordPress alternative for a certain niche.

Maybe you just want something lightweight without having to pay for a bunch of features or maybe you need something flexible.

Whatever your reasoning, maybe if you are looking for a WordPress alternative you have come to the right place. Let’s get into it.

7 Best WordPress Alternatives

1. Wix

Wix is probably one of the most popular WordPress alternatives. Many people use it and it got quite popular when tons of YouTubers started being sponsored by the company. Wix is a website builder that lets you create high-quality websites with relative ease.

There are hundreds of templates that you can choose from. The company has a free plan that has some limitations. You can try it out to get a feel for it if you are looking for a WordPress alternative.

2. Weebly

The next entry on our list of WordPress alternatives is Weebly. You don’t need to be a skilled designer to use Weebly. It is accommodating for designers of all levels. So, if you are a beginner then you can check it out as well.

Weebly offers a bunch of features that allow one to build big sites with more intricate features and many other website builders. Many things are provided out-of-the-box. You just have to visualize what kind of features you want to implement and Weebly will have something to help you.

3. Ghost

Ghost is a tool that is specifically created for blogging. The reason why anyone might choose Ghost over WordPress alternative is this very reason. If you just need to create something for blogging then instead of paying for all the various features and services that WordPress provides you only pay for things that you will need for blogging.

Ghost is lightweight and has been built using NodeJS. You can monetize your website by using the subscription commerce features. It’s a good tool for beginners as well.

4. Squarespace

You may have already heard of Squarespace. It is one of the popular alternatives to WordPress and stands on its own in the website-building and hosting market. This tool is quite powerful as it is packed with features.

You can not only build websites using this platform but also complete domain registration and host your website. There are multiple templates from which you can choose. Many tools can help with building the website and with the content you create. To edit images for your content you can try sites like Canva.

5. Webflow

Webflow is a good tool for designers. It lets their creativity flow. One can create highly customized websites using Webflow. There is no need to worry about performance, hosting or security.

You don’t always have to create everything from scratch since there are many templates. But it is better to have the option if you want to create something entirely to certain specifications. It is a good WordPress alternative for agencies and designers. You do need to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS to use this tool.

6. Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform that people use to build their e-commerce store or website. You must have heard of it already. So, if you are looking to start an online business to sell products then Shopify is one of the platforms to check out.

There are multiple e-commerce themes to choose from. You don’t need extensive web design knowledge to use the platform. The drag-and-drop website builder can be quite useful in creating a nice website to sell your products. If you are just beginning to dip your toes into the e-commerce industry Shopify can be quite helpful.

7. Duda

Duda is a website builder that offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing websites, It’s particularly useful for small business and offers a large selection of templates and a wide range of features such as design customization, e-commerce, and integrations


So, that was our list of some of the best WordPress alternatives. These alternatives are not going to replace WordPress. It is still going to be a good tool for building websites. However, having alternatives can open up all the various ways you can go to build websites. We hope you got some good options from our list and are ready to get started. All the best!


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