15 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tools Boost Views

A compelling YouTube thumbnail Maker may make the difference between a visitor clicking on your video and scrolling past it. But how to make a thumbnail for YouTube, especially if you don’t have much experience in graphic design? Using an online YouTube thumbnail builder is, of course, the simplest option.

Without design skills or expensive graphic design tools that take weeks to learn how to use properly, YouTube thumbnail producers can help you generate great YouTube thumbnail pictures for your videos that will improve your YouTube views and subscriptions.

You might be wondering if thumbnails are really that important. Yes, but before we get into our list of online YouTube thumbnail creators, let’s discuss why they’re so crucial. In addition, we’ll go over four YouTube video thumbnail best practices that

What are thumbnails on YouTube?

YouTube thumbnails are tiny, still pictures that show a video’s thumbnail. These can be automated snapshots from the YouTube video studio or a picture from an external thumbnail creator. A thumbnail’s function is to convey what’s in the video and urge viewers to watch it. In that way, it’s comparable to a book’s back matter or an executive summary.

Why Are Great YouTube Thumbnails Required?

First impressions are crucial. And they are really important on YouTube. The thumbnail for your video is the first (and often only) chance you have to persuade visitors to choose your video over that of your competition. As a result, creating thumbnails that are intriguing and indicate potential viewers what your film is about at a look is critical.

How To Make A YouTube Thumbnail?

Time and patience. An image editor like GIMP or Photoshop. Google Image Search. [NOTE: There are many image editing software out there, but the name “GIMP” is the most commonly used among video creators on YouTube.] (optional) A free or paid download of a free online file-sharing service. (optional) An online service that can generate your thumbnail for you for a very cheap price. We recommend using thumbzilla.

Best Practices for YouTube Video Thumbnails

If you want to know how to make a thumbnail for YouTube and want to obtain more views on your YouTube videos, follow these video thumbnail best practices. The thumbnail for your YouTube video is equally as critical as the title for enticing people to stop scrolling and click.

They aren’t a replacement for high-quality YouTube material, but if you already have outstanding stuff, do it a favour and spread the word! Here are four YouTube video thumbnail best practises to help you make the most of your thumbnails.

Keep It Easy

A synopsis of your video should not be written in the YouTube thumbnail. They’re little. They become even smaller when you consider that mobile devices account for more than 70% of YouTube’s watch time. To combat this, don’t put a lot of text in your thumbnail.

Instead of using the whole title of your YouTube video in the thumbnail, try reducing it into a few key phrases over a backdrop or picture.

Stay on Topic

Like any other search engine, YouTube favours content that answers questions. That is to say, your thumbnail should be relevant to your video’s content and use keywords to convey important information to potential viewers.

The thumbnail is meant to entice viewers to click, but if you don’t follow through on your promises, your bounce rates will climb, and your video’s rating on YouTube will suffer.

Keep the contrast high

You may even pick a colour that contrasts with what the bulk of your rivals are using to find the target keyword for your video.

Maintain Your Brand

You could be tempted to keep your brand off your thumbnails because you’re working with little space. Make no attempt! Your logo has the ability to raise brand awareness.

You’ll want to incorporate your brand in a method that is both apparent and subtle. Put your logo in the corner of one of the thumbnails. If you put it in the lower right corner, though, the movie will conceal it.

What is a Thumbnail Maker for YouTube?

A YouTube thumbnail maker is an application that offers ready-to-use templates as well as capabilities like background removal to make it simple to produce a YouTube thumbnail quickly. These programmes are usually part of a bigger picture editing or marketing software package. As a result, we’ll concentrate mostly on the price and YouTube-specific features.

Regardless of the type of video you view on YouTube, it must compete with other videos in the algorithm. YouTube, like any other search engine, returns relevant videos based on keyword searches. However, unlike a standard Google search, the results are frequently influenced by your previous viewing history.

Even with the finest SEO and algorithm rankings, impressing your audience is crucial. YouTube thumbnail makers for each video are one method to achieve this. Because YouTube thumbnails are conspicuous and can capture our attention, it’s critical that we design them. But what YouTube thumbnail generator alternatives do we have?

15 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tools for Your Video



Canva is one of the greatest online graphic creation tools. It comes with templates that make creating professional-level YouTube thumbnails a breeze, whether you have design knowledge or not. You may use it for whatever graphic design task you have, and it comes with over 1 million graphics, templates, pictures, images, and fonts, as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

While Canva is a YouTube thumbnail maker that is free to use, there are some premium features, such as stock pictures and clip art. All of the elements have dollar signs next to them. You may also purchase the Pro version for around $120 each year.



PlaceIt is a simple thumbnail maker for youtube that lets you edit YouTube thumbnail themes to match your brand. You don’t need much design skills to make a great YouTube video thumbnail, but if you want to stretch your creative muscles too far, the tool might be restricting. It costs around $89 per year.

Adobe Spark


You may use Adobe Spark’s adjustable YouTube thumbnail templates to swiftly create gorgeous thumbnails. The pre-made thumbnail layouts in Adobe Spark are free to use, and there’s even a category for YouTube thumbnails. While some may consider the features to be basic, Adobe Spark allows you to personalise your thumbnails by adding custom backgrounds, colours, text, and other elements. You can upgrade to a premium plan for roughly $100 per year.



Fotor’s thumbnail-creation features are great, allowing you to start with well-designed YouTube thumbnail templates that you may customize to your heart’s content. It comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that lets you personalize your thumbnails and access all of the elements you’ll need to make them look great. Fotor includes text and design elements, as well as stickers and emoticons, to give your YouTube thumbnails a current look.

Fotor is free to use, but for $40 per year, you can get a lot more capabilities (and no ads).



Snappa is a free online YouTube thumbnail builder with gorgeous styles, high-resolution pictures, and everything you need to make clickable YouTube thumbnails. Non-designers will appreciate how versatile and straightforward it is to utilize. Snappa allows you to completely customize your thumbnails by beginning from scratch and adding custom fonts, backgrounds, shapes, and other graphic elements

Snappa is available in two versions: free and paid. While the free version contains all you require, you may subscribe to the paid version for roughly $120 per year.



There are several drag-and-drop templates available in Fotojet. Choose from their selection of background photos, clip art, or submit your own. In only a few minutes, you can create an impressive thumbnail. However, the functionality of Fotojet are restricted, especially if you simply acquire the basic (free) package.

Premium starts at $3.33 per month.



Visme is a drag-and-drop YouTube thumbnail builder with a large number of templates to pick from. Each template may be changed to adjust the form, position, and size of any component. Custom text, icons, and artwork may be added to new sections using the panel on the left side of the screen. Visme also makes it simple to use an existing color scheme or develop your own to match the colors of your business.

Visme’s pricing is divided into three categories: individual, business, and education. It does have a free plan that allows you to work on up to 5 projects. Annual plans start at $168.



PicMonkey is unusual in that it allows you to choose a template or start from a thumbnail-sized blank canvas. Choose from the photo collection or upload your own video still. You may then drag and drop special effects, logos, and word art from there. Another advantage is that instead of downloading the image first, you may publish the completed output immediately to YouTube.

From $7.99 per month.



Creatopy provides all of the tools you’ll need to create eye-catching thumbnails that will captivate readers. Their templates are created by experienced designers and are immediately stunning, but you can also alter them to match your brand flawlessly.

Individual plans for Creatopy start at $17 per month, payable annually, and include up to three designs.



PixTeller is a free online YouTube thumbnail builder that allows you to produce professional-looking thumbnails without any design or technical experience. It comes with a variety of pre-made video thumbnail designs that you can use to quickly produce beautiful YouTube thumbnails that fit your brand and channel messaging. PixTeller also has filters and typefaces to make your thumbnails stand out.

PixTeller is available for $84 per year.



Picmaker has over a hundred thousand graphic components, 700+ professionally designed templates, thousands of stock pictures and filters, and other tools to help you create amazing YouTube video thumbnails. You may even use a background burner tool to eliminate an image’s backdrop swiftly and efficiently.

Picmaker is a free service with a quick registration process.



Pixelixe is an online YouTube thumbnail creator that allows you to create your own or utilise one of their pre-made layouts. If you want to make your own thumbnail, just set the proportions and add photos, text, and other elements using Pixelixe’s drag-and-drop tools.

Pixelixe has a restricted free edition, but for $84 per year, you can get a lot more tools and features.



BeFunky is an all-in-one web design tool for creating high-quality YouTube thumbnails. It features a large number of YouTube thumbnail themes that you may personalize to fit your brand.

BeFunky has a restricted free edition, but the Plus version, which costs around $60 per year, gives you significantly more creative flexibility.



VistaCreate is a full graphic design software suite that includes a large library of pictures, 20,000+ templates, and 250 fonts. You may also use your own photos and fonts by uploading them. It has a section dedicated to making YouTube thumbnails, channel graphics, and even a YouTube intro generator. Multiple alphabets, such as Hebrew and Cyrillic, are also supported by VistaCreate.

VistaCreate costs around $96 per year.

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In conclusion, these were some of the best YouTube thumbnail makers. When you’re looking for a YouTube thumbnail maker, these are just some of the various options you have. You’ll have to read about them and check their features before picking one.

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