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Google Ads Video Certification Answers

Are you in search of answers for the Google Ads Video Certification Assessment? If so, here are the most recent and revised solutions for the Google Ads Video Certification, allowing you to obtain a complimentary certificate. This guide will assist you in acquiring the Google Ads Video Certification Answers through straightforward methods. Provided by Google, this certification aids learners in comprehending how to achieve successful campaign results for awareness, consideration, and action goals through video advertising.

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Google Ads Video Certification Assessment Answers

  1. True or false? Google audiences are updated on every impression, so advertisers can reach only the most relevant consumers on YouTube.
  2. Which of the following is not an example of Detailed Demographics?
  3. You want to find new, high-value customers using their data. Which audience solution should you use?
  4. You want to re-engage with people from your CRM database that bought something from your website in the past six months. Which audience solution should you use?
  5. You want to reach people who are searching for content about the Manchester United Football Club. Which audience solution should you use?
  6. The four essential freedoms that define YouTube’s values are freedom of expression, freedom of opportunity, freedom of information, and freedom to belong.
  7. Which of the following is not a top reason why users choose YouTube?
  8. Which of these is not an example of Advanced Audiences?
  9. How can you create video ads to maximize effectiveness on YouTube?
  10. How can you produce video ads to perform well on YouTube?
  11. According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, approximately how much TV advertising goes unseen?
  12. Which is a best practice for creating effective bumper ads?
  13. Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate?
  14. Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on a person’s viewing context?
  15. Your client is an online car marketplace. Which audience solution can help your client’s campaign reach people in the car buying process?
  16. Match each ad format to its primary marketing objective. Drag and drop each item into the correct box.
  17. Match each type of TrueView ad to its bidding approach.
  18. True or False? TrueView ads on Google Video Partners drive as much lift in ad recall as TrueView on YouTube.
  19. Where does a YouTube masthead ad unit run?
  20. Which ad format typically has the lowest CPM among in-stream video ads and is also eligible to serve more frequently, particularly on mobile devices?
  21. Custom Intent audiences allows advertisers to reach users on YouTube that were previously searching for particular queries across which of the following properties?
  22. Online conversions measured for TrueView for action come from three different events. Match each event to its correct conversion type.
  23. What type of advertiser is a good fit for TrueView for action?
  24. YouTube for action is comprised of formats powered by Smart Bidding for conversions or conversion values. What two elements are necessary for its success?
  25. A YouTube advertiser is looking to drive direct response objectives. Reyna, a YouTube Googler, explains that YouTube for action combines formats powered by Smart Bidding with intent-rich audiences and measurement capabilities that can help turn engagement on YouTube into the actions that matter most.
  26. Which marketer would be an ideal client for TrueView for action?
  27. After a discussion with a Google Audience Specialist, Reilly is ready to suggest the use of Detailed Demographics to her YouTube clients.
  28. Your client is interested in testing six-second bumper ads. What are two tips you can share with them about these ads? (Choose two.)
  29. Running a creative experiment using Brand Lift is an excellent way to get the information you need.
  30. Which elements are used to build a Custom Affinity audience?
  31. Which TrueView ad format is optimized for lift in ad recall?
  32. Myra’s newest client uses a CRM to keep track of customer information. They’d like to use this data to engage past customers with a YouTube campaign promoting their newest product line.
  33. Mira explained to a new client how YouTube can help brands reach the most attractive customers and prospects by helping them tap into real-time data and powerful signals to be more effective storytellers.
  34. Based on the ABCDs of designing YouTube ads, what’s one way to attract viewers?
  35. The YouTube masthead is effective for advertisers with which goal?
  36. Which of YouTube’s awareness ad formats can use the CPD bidding approach?
  37. Jasmine’s client is interested in adding YouTube to their online marketing strategy. They’d like a first-party data audience solution that lets them find new customers who share characteristics with their existing ones.
  38. Which statement is true about bumper ads?
  39. Which type of Google Audience Signal reaches consumers on YouTube based on their consumption habits?
  40. Which is a key benefit of TrueView discovery?
  41. Ben’s client owns more than 20 vitamin shops around the region and has seen success with YouTube advertising. Ben has recommended store visits for TrueView for action as a measurement solution to connect online influence to offline action. The client has asked Ben to explain which events trigger a store visit.
  42. What can YouTube Analytics tell you about what people are watching on your client’s channel?
  43. Based on Google’s ABCDs of designing ads for YouTube, what are two ways Google recommends you connect with your viewers? (Choose two.)
  44. Match the YouTube customer with the Google Audience Signal type that helps advertisers connect with that customer.
  45. What’s a key benefit of bumper ads?
  46. Google Video Partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?
  47. What constitutes a video engagement conversion in a TrueView for action campaign?
  48. When it comes to driving action, you should focus on audiences with the strongest level of intent.
  49. Janice’s advertising agency landed a client who’d like to understand how media consumption habits have evolved, prior to spending their budget on YouTube. They’re mobile-focused and would like to know the percentage of YouTube watch-time that takes place on mobile devices.
  50. Which video format is available on Google Video Partners?
  51. Dylan’s client produces documentaries. The client wants to understand what makes YouTube so appealing to users. Dylan explains how YouTube lets users engage with the creators they love and become part of an online community of like-minded people.
  52. Which one of Google’s data-driven tools is part of Google Analytics Solutions?
  53. In the ABCD recommendations Google created for YouTube advertising, the A stands for attract and the B for brand. What do the C and D stand for?
  54. Julian has a client interested in increasing awareness with their YouTube campaign. Which three YouTube audience solutions should he recommend?
  55. What’s one of Google and YouTube’s awareness products?
  56. Arturo has explained to a client who sells electronics that YouTube’s detailed demographic audiences can impact their advertising efforts. He knows detailed demographics help advertisers reach audiences based on quantifiable characteristics that matter to the client.
  57. Which video ad sequencing framework is focused on where a viewer is and what they’re doing when they interact with a YouTube ad?
  58. Justine’s client is almost ready to get started with YouTube advertising. They’ve asked her to identify the business outcomes YouTube can deliver, to ensure they’ll achieve what they’re after with their campaign.
  59. Using Custom Intent audiences allows brands to drive action on YouTube. What’s the key functionality of Custom Intent audiences?
  60. Mina owns a high-end fashion boutique and has seen success with YouTube advertising over the past year. She’s uncertain which type of bidding she should choose for her TrueView for action campaign. She has a year’s worth of conversion data, but she’s not comfortable with that cost-per-acquisition.
  61. How does an advertiser benefit from using Google Trends?
  62. Zane is managing a YouTube campaign for a five-star hotel that competes directly with several other hotels located in the area. The owner would like to use the names of similar hotels as keywords when building the audience for the campaign.
  63. What are two Google findings (based on internal research) regarding six-second ads? (Choose two.)
  64. Dan owns a farm supply store that sells plows to farmers. His suppliers released a new plow, and he wants to get the word out to his existing customers using Google Ads. He’s got the information needed to create a Customer Match audience, but he’s not sure where he needs to upload this information.
  65. YouTube Analytics can show you the aggregated totals of the minutes people spent viewing a video over time.
  66. Landon works for an online marketing firm and believes that YouTube will be an effective addition to his client’s advertising strategy given its extensive reach of over two billion monthly active users and recent innovations that increase usership.
  67. YouTube and Google Video solutions are specifically tuned to your business’ marketing objectives. They can increase awareness by keeping your brand at the top of customers’ minds. They can boost consideration by inviting customers to engage with your brand during high-intent moments.
  68. Advertisers choose YouTube because it delivers proven results. What are two additional reasons why advertisers choose YouTube? (Choose 2.)
  69. Creators choose YouTube for the freedom it gives them to use cutting-edge innovations to reach billions of people worldwide and make a living doing what they love.
  70. Which TrueView ad format is billed on a CPM basis?
  71. Which statement is true about non-skippable in-stream ads?
  72. Of the storytelling methods recommended for YouTube campaigns, which one uses a long-piece format creative ad to deliver a brand’s messaging and shorter ads to reinforce it?
  73. What are two examples of the Intent audience solution, Life Events? (Choose two.)
  74. How can Google’s In-market audience signals help an advertiser connect with their target audience?


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