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Do you have an e-commerce site? Still struggling to get it on top of Google?

This SEO strategy gave my client over 178% increase visitors and 67% in sales over 6 months.

It works every time. STEAL it.

follow the steps

About the Client’s website.

-He owned an ecommerce website.

-Mainly specialized in Henna brows products & services.

-It’s selling products and teaching people about it.

It’s traffic was nearly 3700 Pm.

Our SEO strategies managed to make it up to 13k Pvm

He is what did.

Ecommerce webmaster

That number might seem smaller but for it’s massively.

Trust me

E-commerce SEO is all about filtering.

We only target special people who can buy.


With that being said, that amount of traffic is BETTER.

What I did exactly?

Okay, well my entire SEO was very straight forward.

Steps to Follow

1. Keyword research
2. Content creation
3. On-page SEO activity
4. Off- Page SEO

To rank any kind of website on top of Google.

These stuffs are simply non negotiable.

So we followed the system.

So, rightly After we signed a deal, we quickly did this..

1. Overall Website Audit

We audit the entire site and see technical errors such as:

  • Broken links
  • Page speed
  • Thin content
  • Orphanage pages
  • Unoptimized meta tags

Why? simply because, this is very vital.

2. The best thing we did was Keyword research.

We start finding potential keywords for all of our

-Blog articles pages.

And As for product and category pages we went for

High BUYING intent keywords

Blogs? informational query.
And just to add this up,

Our keyword research was simple.

We use Google auto suggest plus Amazon and

We used the Ahrefs to steal keywords from our competitors.

We made sure that our keywords

Have enough traffic plus lower competition.

Unfair Advantage.

3. Next thing? On-page SEO.

After having our potential keywords.

We started optimization process.

We let Google get a clue about pages.

We place keywords in the right places.

We did a well internal linking.

We use quality images & nice content structure.

And it worked.

Ecommerce Product page layout

4. We Also created a silo structure.

This is where a whole game played.

Building a silo structure really helps.

Creating supporting content (blogs) for our targeted pages (Category & product)

boosted us.

Since it’s about eyelash products,

So we let Google knows about it.

ecommerce PPA

To make a long story short.

The other things we did is:

-We created in depth content (both pages)

-We did interlinking for our Silos.

-We use proper subheadings and related content.

-A bit of link building based on relevance & Authority.


178% increase in Traffic!

Thanks for Reading!

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