Highest Paying AI Jobs in 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken center stage in the technology industry, offering some of the most lucrative career opportunities. Let’s explore the job titles that are garnering the highest salaries, their descriptions, and the companies paying top dollar for AI engineers.

Highest-Paying AI Jobs in 2023

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary5-Year Search GrowthDescription
AI Product Manager$189,4532,400%Guides development and launch of AI products. E.g., Netflix’s open role pays $300,000 to $900,000 annually.
AI Engineer$160,8571,000%Builds programs that think and learn like humans, combining skills in development, programming, and data science.
NLP Engineer$157,423247%Works with large datasets to process and analyze natural language data.
Computer Vision Engineer$155,90280%Builds applications for image processing in various industries such as autonomous vehicles and virtual reality.
Machine Learning Engineer$151,941213%Trains ML algorithms; demand expected to grow by 40% or 1 million.
AI Scientist$148,364488%Develops complex algorithms for AI tools, like those in OpenAI with a salary range of $200,000-$370,000.
AI Software Engineer$147,4871,567%Designs functionalities in AI software applications.
AI Architect$141,199600%Designs and oversees AI solutions, improving existing models and applications.
AI Researcher$136,565550%Explores theories and concepts in AI, conducting experiments and pushing innovation.
Data Engineer$115,438336%Creates and maintains data infrastructures, essential for AI models like ChatGPT.
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According to Glassdoor, the highest-paying AI job is the AI Product Manager with an average annual salary of $189,453, far exceeding the $146,961 average for traditional product managers.

Highest Paying AI Engineer Roles by Company

CompanyAI Engineer Salary
Walmart Labs$265,698

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Career Trends

  • AI will replace 85 million jobs but create 97 million new ones by 2027 – a 14.1% net increase.
  • AI Research Scientists’ demand to grow by 21% from 2021 to 2031.
  • Jobs requiring AI skills projected to grow by 71% between 2021 and 2025.


Despite potential economic challenges, the AI job market is poised for growth, with substantial need for skilled researchers, product managers, and engineers. These trends offer an insightful glimpse into the booming AI industry.


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