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What Is Booket? How to Use | Features and Pricing

What is Booket?

This salon software is so easy to use, with a friendly interface that will have you feeling like an expert in no time. With all the features your business needs without any pesky contracts or levies tacked onto monthly bills – this product sells itself!

Booket Used for

Booket serves hair or beauty salons of all sizes, as well as spas, clinics, and barbers

Booket Pricing

Booket is available for free.
Booket does not offer a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

Booket Features

Booking Management

Your busy life just got a little more organized with our simple user-friendly calendar. You can now schedule new bookings, add important details and even block out time for those long weekends away!

booket book management

Customer Profiles

Did you know that our simple user-friendly calendar allows for managing your bookings no matter how busy or important those appointments get? You can schedule new ones, add details like travel plans and even block out time during the week to take an weekend away!

Booket Customer Profiles

Dynamic Reports

The detailed reports that are generated allow you to dive deep into the workings of your business so as not only identify where there might be room for growth but also what areas need more attention than others.

Booket Dynamic Reports

Payment Solutions

Booket makes it easier than ever to take care of both cash and card payments. Your customers will love the integrated POS solution, which offers them a convenient experience that’s perfect for salons or spas!

SMS Reminders

Get more customers by letting your automated reminders transform the way you do business. You can reduce no-shows and make sure people are taken care of 24 hours before they’re due in!

Stock Management

Every visit will be memorable with our always-on stock management system. You’ll know before you go whether or not there are enough resources for all of your patients, so no more running low and leaving early because it’s been too busy!

Booket Stock Management


It has everything I need, easy to use as someone who isn’t tech savvy. The ability to add in services that can be split and client details are just some of its many benefits!

It also allows for reminders texts with the clients you have on file which is really helpful when they’re running late or missing an appointment – there’s no guessing about what might happen next anymore thanks so much this software!!

And if one staff member needs their own column while working remotely then all others will too because management listens well enough around here.


The only thing I didn’t like was the limited number of days that could be viewed at one time, but they’ve listened to feedback and now allow you view a week’s worth!

Check Here Booket


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